To fill the large, water-permeable geotextile tubes Geotube® we use our amphibious vehicles. The amphibious vehicles are sucking the sediments with the excavator pump.


The advantages of this type of sludge removal are various:

  • no water reduction necessary
  • mild gentle intervention in nature (little or no damage from the shore through the hoses)
  • the clean water exits through the permeable material of Geotube®
  • after several days, the contents can be removed as a solid and disposed of or reused

Using a centrifuge, chamber filter press or TenCate Geotube® the sludge can be thickened or dewatered.



The Geotube® is filled by pumping through tubes with mud. As the fluid escapes through the material of the Geotube®, the solids are retained. The filling process takes so long till the Geotube® is filled.


After dewatering, the solids can be processed as a dry substance.

Depending on the type, these substances can be economically transported and disposed of or reused.



Geotube ® is registered trademark of TenCate


1. Filling the Geotube®

Mud will be pumped into the Geotube® container . Environmentally friendly flocculants are mixed into the mud, they bind the sludge particles and separate them from the water.



2. Drainage

Clean water escapes the TenCate Geotube® hose. About 99% of the solids are retained, the clear waste water can be collected and reintroduced into the System.



3. Consolidation

Solids remain in the tube, the reduction in volume amounts to up to 90%. If the TenCate Geotube® is full, he and its contents can be defined or dredged and to be brought to the landground.



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