Water bodies maintenance


We make the water bodies fresh.

Whether river, pond or lake!
Our amphibious vehicle designed specifically for the water maintenance and is very versatile with its comprehensive range of accessories.

Ideal is Truxor for desludging of sewage treatment plants, ponds and rivers. With a large selection of tools he can be used widely:

cut reed or sea grass, contain the growth of it also carry out dredging, digging, remove leaking oil and much more.  



The buoyancy combined with the low ground pressure allows the use particularly in conservation areas and other sensitive areas, without harming the environment.


The amphibious vehicle offers excellent possibilities for various use in wetlands management. The change from driving on the country to ride on the water is very simple. Even in narrow channels and around obstacles, it is ideal usable.


Our amphibious vehicles are an average age of less than two years and are on the newest stand.


Possible fields of application:


Cutting Bar: for reed beds in swamp and shallow water areas.  


Reed rake: collection and transport of cuted plants


Doro pump: vacuuming and desludging of mud or sludge


The excavator arm with shovel and excavator bucket for remove of mud, sludge or other materials.



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