Pipeline Cleaning


A pig is a cleaning or inspection equipment for pipelines. Other objects can clean separation between successive batches of product be or depending on the consistency of the product support the transport itself.


Usually the normal operation of the pipes shouldn't be interrupted. This technique is used not only in the gas, oil and products pipeline technology, but is possible in almost any type of pipeline systems.



The pig fills the pipe cross-section and is forced through specially spent water pressure through the line. With our versatile technology we offer individual solutions!

As part of the pig technology locks are installed in the pipe system.Through this, the pig is not only used in the lines and occupied by back with pressure, but also is removed after completion of the proposed test section.


The benefits of pigging system:

  • product and time saving
  • reducing the environmental impact of batch operations
  • using "intelligent pigging" method  that includes electronics and sensors various forms of data during their trip through the pipeline can be collected
  • product sediments avoided by regularly pigging (cleaning) of the pipeline
  • Improved plant efficiency due to full product recovery being achieved
  • product losses are minimised, reducing waste disposal and the ecological damages associated with waste treatment & recycling
  • initial investment savings are achieved due to the reduction in the number of pipelines
  • regular operating cost savings, due to reduced pipe cleaning, heating and maintenance of pipelines



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